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Posted On: Jan 19, 2013
Zoraida Sambolin an American TV journalist was born on July 10, 1965. Zoraida Sambolin full name is Zoraida Senoba Sambolin. When it comes to ethnicity, she is Latin descendent. She is of an American Nationality. Currently, she hosts Early Start on CNN. She is from Chicago. She has worked as an anchor of news broadcasts for nine years for WSNS-TV and NBC’s WMAQ-TV. Sambolin has suffered from breast cancer and publicly announced in May 2013. She also told that on 28, 2013 she is going through knifes by double mastectomy. Angelina Jolie explains herself getting double mastectomy in New York Times which made Samboline easy to cope with emotional stress.

From 1999 to 2002, she has worked in two different channels like WSNS-TV where she used to host Nuestros Nines on Telemundo and in WYCC-TV she used to host Small Talk for Parents on PBS. In 2002, she was appointed as an anchor in WMAQ-TV which was affiliated with Chicago NBC as a freelancer. Same year she served as an anchor and a reporter for WSNS-TV, which made her the first on-air broadcaster to serve at Spanish as well as English language stations. Nuestra Familia, the weekly family and health series was launched by her at WSNS-TV. She was upgraded to weekday anchor of NBC 5 News Today where she has hosted with Rob Elgas. The program was a hit which set trend around the U.S. and obviously in Chicago. A weekly medical series, UN Buen Doctor was hosted by Sambolin which used to focus on health issues.

It is informed that Kenny William, a baseball executive id engaged with Sambolin in January 2013. To give time for her kids and family, she left Early Start on December 13, 2013. Her family used to reside in Chicago. It was informed that she would be joining again as co-anchor alongside Stefan Holt of NBC 5 news Today for WMAQ on April 23, 2014 and started working from May 22nd.

Sambolin is educated in Loyola University. A first Hispanic Quiz show which she hosted in 2008 made her more popular among Hispanic students. This quiz show is dedicated to examine the skills, knowledge and ability of Hispanic Student of eight different colleges and universities in the country. Spanish DVD was also released where she was an anchor where she discussed about the symptoms of autism. Now days, Samboline co-host Early Start alongside Ashleigh Banfield which is on-aired on CNN. Her first marriage with John Hobbs does not work out which lead to her divorce. With Jonh Hobbs, she has two children, Sophia and Nick. After divorce with his husband, John Hobbs, Samboline started dating Kenny William and they got married on Christmas Eve.

Amazing and charming persona makes her camera friendly. Her height measures at five feet and six inch. She has a beautiful feet and legs to be shown in camera. The attractive and graceful personality is an example of beauty with brain. She does light and simple make up. Due to her work in media and social work he was awarded with Emmy Award. Her breast cancer news spread rapidly in media. She has suffered from malignant tumor. More about her bio can be searched in websites like wiki. Her photos can be viewed in various websites.