» Where is Gretchen Carlson

Posted On: Jan 1, 2013
Gretchen Carlson is a journalist and television personality of United States of America. She is also a symbol of beauty and hot lady because she got the award of Miss America in 1989. Gretchen is engaged in fox news channel as a host. We have discussed here some questions and answers about the Gretchen Elizabeth Carlson.

1. Where is Gretchen Carlson?

Answer: She is in America right now and is working in fox news channel as an employee.

2. What is a body measurement of Gretchen Carlson?
Answer: Carlson's measurements are 36-30-40 (80-65-90). According to her body structure her legs and feet is very suitable.
3. Who is a husband of Gretchen Carlson?
Answer: Casey Close

4. What is the condition about her married life and divorce?
Answer: we think she is happy with her husband Casey close and about divorce nothing happen immediately.

5. Did you know any type of love affair and boyfriend date of Gretchen Carlson?
Answer: No, there is not any type of news in media.

6. What type of fashion prefer by Gretchen Carlson?
Answer:  She is used jeans. Actually I have no idea about bikini dress of her.