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Posted On: Dec 9, 2012
Christine Romans serves as Chief Business Correspondent who works for CNN. Her date of birth is January 31, 1971. Iowa is her hometown. She graduated from Iowa State University in 1993. Along with Journalism and mass communication, she majored in French. Christine Romans is happily married with Ed Tobin and nothing is heard about her divorce. Her husband Ed Tobin is as an editor for Reuters. They have three children. Christine is also admired for her long legs and her measurements are five feet and seven inch tall. Her face is pretty and smiley. She is camera friendly and photogenic .Beside being correspondent and an anchor, she is also an author. She is white American. She has beautiful feet. She looks much younger than her actual age. 

Romans has worked for the Des Moines Register, Reuters and Knight Ridder Financial News in Chicago before working for CNN. She was always focused for her career as a media person. She joined CNN in 1999 and reported from the floor of New York Stock Exchange. She previously used to host Street Sweep on CNNfn. She has spent lots of time in France as an exchange student. She is a catholic woman.

Weekend business TV show, namely Your Money is hosted by Romans as well as she is a headlines reader for Early Start and Starting Point. Romans provide information on the economy, politics and International business for CNN. CNN International regularly features her. ” How to Speak Money” and “Smart is the New Rich” are the name of two books written by her. Her coverage mostly focuses on the latest development in the current economy, she simplify the economic policy and there affects on Americans. She is famous for her “Romans’ Numeral” program where she elaborate complex stories in simple ways to the viewer. CNN relies on Romans when President Obama talks about the economic crisis. She is the instant analyst for American economy. Romans has respondent on many issues including the financial crisis of banks, the economic stimulus its effects on Americans, the ups and down of derivative markets and the AIG bailout. Romans has won lots of award for anchor and correspondent in business reporting. Romans also co-hosted a special hour-long investigative report examining financier Bernard Madoff and his one of the largest investor fraud ever committed by an individual,” Modoff: Secrets of a Scandal” in 2010. “In God We Trust: America” where she explored how religious values govern the way we spend our money.

Moneyline and Lou Dobbs Tonight are served by Romans as a correspondent. She has also covered substance abuse, immigration reform, American foreign policy with China and Latin America and homeland security. Her reports on “Living Dangerously” explained the risks and precautions for nearly 30 percent of America’s population living in the path of an Atlantic-cost hurricane. Possible way of spreading dangerous infections and precaution patients can take to protect themselves is explained in her “Deadly Hospitals”. She played an investigative role in the collapse of WorldCom, Enron and many other corporate scams and also reported on corruption according to the view point of the investor.

Romans has witness the market’s boom through the late 1990s to the economy’s hardship after September 11 attacks. She has also led CNN’s coverage of the first democratic elections in Iraq. She is also credited with award-winning coverage of Hurricane Rita in 2005.She has received an Emmy Award for her work on “Exporting America” in 2004. More detail about her biography can be found in Wikipedia, twitter, YouTube, facebook and other websites.