» Anchor Fox News Martha Maccallum Married and Divorce

Posted On: Nov 1, 2012
Martha maccallum is a news reader, reporter and anchor of CNBC television and most popular another Fox channel of United States from 2004. Fox channels cover the half market of United States according to advertisement of business. She has good experienced in their profession means of television celebrity, Martha maccallum. She had a bachelor’s degree from st. Lawrence university of USA. Martha Maccallum married with Daniel Jhon Gregory and already divorce with her husband. After getting divorced she is involving in her old profession as television personality.

Martha Maccallum Bio
Birthday: 31 January 1964
Current Home Address: Ridgewood, New Jersey USA
Occupation: America s newroom
Husband (Married date: 22 August 1992): Daniel John Gregory
Kids: two sons and one daughter