»  Suzanne Malveaux Short Biography

Posted On: Feb 3, 2013
Suzanne Malveaux daughter of floyd j. Malveaux and Mayrna Maria Ruiz was born in Lannning Michigan. She has thre siblings Suzette M. Malveaux, Courtney M. Malveaux and Gregory F. Malveaux. Among them Suzette M.Malveaux is identical twin with her. She spends her childhood in New Orleans and later Howard Country, Maryland and received higher level education from Centennial Higher School in Ellicott City, Maryland .She graduated from Harvard College in Sociology and from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism; she received master’s degree in broad casting in 1991.
Reportedly Suzanne Malveaux was dating T.J Holmes who stayed as her boyfriend for long period. There were even rumors of her getting married with T.J Holmes. But there were never made any official report of their being husband and wife. Now there is news of her being single.

Suzanne Malveaux started her carrier in television on general assignment reporter in New England cable news. Later she joined WRC T.V which was affiliated with NBC and worked there for three years from 1996-1999. In 1999 she joined NBC News, Where she worked as Pentagon Correspondence and three years in Chicago. In that time she coverd biggest national stories like Bill Clintons impeachment the Kosovo war, 2001 war in Afganistan etc. In May 2002 she started to work for CNN as a white house correspondent while working as white house correspondence she has contribute in lots of area. CNN s 2004 election and its Emmy winning 2006 election coverage was one of her most praised work as she played key role in it. She got chance to interview former presidents George H.W Bush, Bill clinton, George W Bush as well as former lady Lura Bush as white house correspondent. She went in countries like Europe, Southeast Asia, Asia, Africa, Australia etc for the coverage of presidential trips. Most recently she has augmented her white house reporting by serving as primary substitute anchor for the situation room with Wolf Blitzer a two hour long program which airs in CNN every week days.
She used the most popular micro blogging platform ‘Twitter’ to post tweets while she was covering President Obama’s trip to Europe and throughout Latin America. It shows that she is interested in social sites which help us to follow her in facebook also through www.facebook.com /suzanne CNN .We can watch her popular interviews in youtube. We can even find her pictures which were taken while she was attending different programmes in site called google. Even her feet is Featured in one of the site called wiki feet-a free collaborative site which feature the celebrity feet. According to it suzanne malveaux feet is probably the largest celebrity feet.
Though coming from different ethnicity group or being the daughter of African nationality father, she has presented herself as successful American News reporter and got chance to be 1st black women to work as white house correspondent.