» Who is Zain Verjee?

Posted On: Apr 16, 2013
Zain Verjee is a television journalist belonging to Canadian nationality and having South Indian ethnicity. She was born on 11 February in Kenya. She is currently associated with CNN network in London’s branch office and can be seen as a co-anchor in CNN International. Verjee spent her childhood in Kenya and her family went to Canada. She went to McGill University at Montreal from where she completed her undergraduate degree regarding English. Later she attended York University at Canada.

Verjee used to work for Kenya Television Network based in Nairobi where she was assigned to anchor news highlights and also was producer and presenter for documentaries. She was the host for The Third Opinion which was a talk show where political affairs were discussed. She worked in BBC for a short period of time and produced many documentaries which include African Perspectives.

Verjee started working in CNN on 2000.During her time in CNN she used to anchor World Report, i-List, World News, Situation Room along Wolf Blitzer from Washington DC, world Today along Jim Clancy and she was also a host for Q&A, a debate show. She anchored the coverage of U.S. State Department giving details on American foreign policy for two years. She had the opportunity to travel many countries along Condoleezza Rice like South Korea, Russia, Turkey, Libya and Israel. When she was in Washington dc she produced a piece which was a series program about the challenges and danger faced by current diplomats of America and the show was titled The New Diplomat.

Verjee went back to Kenya on January 2008 and stayed there for few weeks and covered the post election violence.She has conducted many interviews with international political leader like Benazir Bhutto, Mohammed Khatami and so on.
Verjee is also an author of a book titled Live & On The Air which are for children and it is about a young girl experience about going to Nairobi from Kenya to pursue her dream of becoming a television correspondent. She is also active social worker and is always busy doing radio and television campaigns to make people aware of diseases mainly Polio, Hepatitis B and AIDS/HIV.
Zain Verjee is not married at the moment so there is no chance of her having a husband nor she has gone through divorce. But weather Zain Verjee has a boyfriend or not is still unknown as she likes to keep her personal life private and does not want to expose it in public.
Zain Verjee is an attractive woman along with having a pair of stunning legs and feet which looks amazing on TV screen. Her fans are fond of watching her and she is loved by everyone. Her fans can keep in touch her through her official twitter and facebook account. Her biography can be obtained from wiki and other websites.