» Canadian Tv Journalist, Ashleigh Banfield

Posted On: Feb 19, 2013
Ashleigh Banfield is a Canadian TV journalist who was born in December 20, 1967 in Wennipeg, Manitabo, Canada. She graduated from Balmorals Hall School (Canada) and has degrees from Queen's University and the University of British Columbia. Banfield is married to Howard Gould who is a real estate financier and is a founder of the carbon credit trading company Equator Environmental. She has two sons with her husband Gould Jay Fischer Gould (October 22, 2005) and Ridley Banfield Gould (May 21, 2007). There is no chance to divorce with each other. They are currently residing in darien, Conneticut.

She started her career as a photographer, researcher and reporter at CJBN (Kenora, Ontario, Canada). She worked as an anchor for the weekend news in CFRN-TV (1992-1993). She has good salary income. From 1990-1995 Banfield was hired as a producer for CICI-TV (Calgary) and from 1993-1995 she started working as an evening news anchor and business correspondent. During that period she won two Irish awards in 1994 for best news documenter and best of festival.

Before working for MSNBC, she was working at KDFW-TV in Dallas, during which she won an Emmy award. After that MSNBC hired her, where she hosted “MSNBC Investigates” and anchored NBC news. On September 11.2001 banfield was able to cover the terrorist attack live from world trade center in New York, which again earned her Emmy award and was promoted as a producer and anchor of a new program “a region in conflict” which broadcasted from different war zones. Ashleigh Banfield is beautiful lady with perfect combination legs and feet and hair with height. In April 2003 benfield criticized media coverage regarding the conflict in Iraq and spoke against cable news channel, which got fired from MSNBC after less than 1 year.

After that she hosted Disorder in court, open court and Hollywood heat (gossip show) on Tru TV (formally court TV) Apart from working as a CNN TV reporter and a journalist she is also an accomplished singer and used to perform with her band “The Rusty River Rafters” in Calgary before moving to US. She is also famous for her trademark eye glasses which were featured on “The Oprah Winfery show”. She enjoys smoking cigars especially Cuban cigars. She is famous tv news reader and she is also prefer to use twitter and wiki and we can see her photos and lots of pictures in twitter and other social networking websites.