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Posted On: Jan 9, 2014
Catherine Herridge is award winning American television journalist currently employed at Fox News Channel. This gorgeous correspondent serves as the Homeland Security journalist for the Fox News Channel. In addition to that she has also contributed as host for the Weekend Live in its Saturday edition. On 18th May 1964, Catherine Herridge was born in Canada. She belongs to military family. In the recent time she has come out as the leading media icon. Making her foray in journalism with FNC in 1996 as their London-based journalist, she for now contributes as Chief Intelligence journalist for Washington based FNC’s office. She is in charge of the Justice Department, Intelligence and the Homeland Security Department.

This inspiring as well as brave media personality has been the key person to cover the 9/11 terrorist attack of Benghazi for the FNC network. She reported on number of stories that includes Democratic presidential election of 2004, 2000 Hilary Clinton campaign for Senate, sniper story of Washington DC as well as Zacarias Moussaoui trail. During the 9/11 attack she on September 11, 2001 was in New York reporting for the FNC from the location. It was in 2007 when a legal disagreement occurred between the FOX and Herridge regarding benefits and salary. After that the case was filled with EEOC.

This gorgeous and brave journalist for her work has received several prestigious honors and accolades for her contribution that includes Bronze World Medal by the New York Festivals for excellence in media communication. The graduate of Harvard College with the Bachelor degree, she is also the scholar of Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism with the master degree. Apart from journalism she has authored books namely The Next Wave: On the Hunt for al Qaeda’s American Recruits. The book was published by Crown and is based on new terrorism threat as well as assumes the future trouble of Middle East Asia. She once filed case against Fox News Channel due to the dispute about her salary and advantages. As she was not given the required salary and advantages she filed the case on court. But after one year the case was canned. From her all work she might have built good amount of net worth. Unfortunately we cannot convey the details concerning her net worth and salary.

Significance to her personal biography, Catherine at the 49 years of her age is a married working woman with two children. This talented as well as hardworking correspondent is married to husband Jeff Miller. She keep her personal life that low that it is not possible to find her wedding date, name of her parents as well. It is not known whether she is divorced or not. But we can say she is the very loving mother who contributed a section of her liver to her toddler son after he was diagnosed with biliary atresia. Her body comprises of a pair of slender legs which she flaunts on her professional dress. She is always seen in short hair. She likes to make changes on her hair style. But short haircut suits her as she is always seen with it.

With her more than a decade in the news industry she has accomplished herself with the identity of hard worker and earnestness. She is considered as one the hot and sexy journalist. As one the powerful person in the television she is still in growing order and making different plan to emerged out as one the most successful personality worldwide. Her professional is going smoothly towards success. Her passion and devotion towards job make many admires. It took her a lot to be the one she is right now. She has earned all these respect and honor in all these year. She is active campaigner of breast cancer awareness and urges everyone to be cautious about the symptoms. She is seen in most of the cancer awareness program where she gives her best to inform the common people about it.

The more and additional information about her can be obtained from her personal as well as official site. Her brief biography is also available on Wiki. She can also be followed on Twitter as it has become one of the easiest way reach out to the desired person.