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Posted On: Apr 21, 2013
Gerri Willis is a television correspondent belonging to American nationality. She was born on 14 August, 1959 at Sprucepine of North Carolina. She is currently associated with fox business Network and can be seen anchoring her own show The Willis Report.

Willis was raised in North Carolina. She attended Miami University at Oxford, Ohio. She went to Columbia Business School after receiving a Knight-Bagehot fellowship. After finishing her studies in college she worked in a local newspaper as a report at Lima, Ohio and later she also joined Crain Publications and Dow Jones. In the beginning she was interested in becoming a political correspondent. She has written and published two books on her name which are related with business and they are titled Home Rich and The Smart Money Guide to Real Estate Investing. She won an award and title of Excellence in Retirement Saving Reporting from American University school of Communication and the Investment Company Institute’s Education Foundation.

Before Willis joined Fox Business Network she used to work in CNN Business News, there she served as a finance editor and a host in Open House and Your Bottom Line where she mainly discuses about preventative ways to save individual finance from the effect of national money and economy. She also used to act as a financial reporter on senior level for a business magazine, Smart Money. Willis started working for Fox Business Network during March, 2010 and is the host of The Willis Report which political and financial affairs are discussed.

Gerri Willis is married to David Evans. Her husband is serving as a researcher in Gerson Lehrman Group which is in Wallstreet. Recently it has been seen that she is not wearing her wedding ring as the couple might be having some differences and this might lead to divorce but the news has yet to be confirmed.  Gerri Willis age is fifty three and despite her age she is an attractive woman with height of 1.83 meter and her stunning pair of legs and feet looks amazing on the TV screen. There were rumors about her that she had undergone plastic surgery in order to look young but the rumor is false as she is naturally beautiful. She is always giving information about the corporate world and her fans follow her financial advice which she gives on her show. Her fans can keep in touch via her official facebook and twitter account. Her biography can be obtained from wiki and Fox News Channel official websites.