» Who is a Kirsten Powers?

Posted On: Mar 30, 2013
Kirsten Powers is a blogger, columnists, pundit and also a political commentator. She is an American and was born on 1969 in Fairbank, Alaska. Her mother was an archeologist by profession. She is a graduate from university of Maryland. For a year and a half she went to Georgetown University of law school. Although she was bought up as episcopalism, later she lived as an atheist. She currently portrays herself as an Orthodox Christian.

Powers was the deputy assistant U.S. trade representative in the Clinton administration and president for internal communication in American online. She also served in the AOL-time Warner foundation as vice-president. She was also associated with the New York state democrat committee where she was appointed as the press secretary for Andrew Cuomo in the mayoral campaign. She has worked in the vote no one campaign. She served as all-press secretary for the democratic national committee (DNC). She was the consultant for various non- profit organization like human right and the national council for research in women (NCRW).

Kirsten was in favor of the Obama health care reform and believed that it will be able to provide health care to all the citizen of America. She is the supporter of illegal immigrants and the benefits that they get. She supported gun control act and same sex marriage along with the equal rights they should be getting. She is in favor of countries having the right to choose their own favorable government without the interference of outside countries. She was against “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, Iraq war and death penalty.

Kirsten Powers is currently working on fox news channel as political analyst and can be seen frequently on program like special report with Bert Baier, fox news Sunday, the O’Reilly factor and freedom watch. She is the guest host on fox news radio’s morning show kilmeade & friends and Hannity. She is associated with the New York post and the daily beast as a columnist. Her articles have also been featured in USA today, the Wall Street journal, Salon, New York observe and Elle.

During 2012 Kirsten Powers and Touré, MSNBC host were seen battling in social website twitter regarding John McCain being racist. It caught a huge media attention. In 2002 powers was dating Anthony Weiner, former congressman. She is now married to Dr Marty Makary in January 2010. Kirsten Powers’s husband is a professor in St. Johns Hopkins university regarding public health. There were rumors about Kirsten Powers’s divorce which has not been official stated by her. She currently resides at Brooklyn, New York.

Many of her viewers think she is beautiful and hot having amazing legs, feet and height. Her information regarding Kirsten Powers’s salary, career highlights, personal biography, images and pictures can be obtained from wiki and other websites.