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Posted On: Mar 11, 2013
Jennifer Anne lee a.k.a Jenna lee is a well known face in television news business. Born on May 30,1980 in San Francisco, USA. She is currently co-hosts a show CALLED "Happening Now" on Fox News Channel (F.N.C) with John Scott. Lee is serving FNC since July 2010 after she left its sister network Fox Business Network replacing Happening Now's previous anchor, Jane Skinner. She has also co-anchored another Fox Business Network's business news program called Fox Business Morning previously.

This 32 years old media personality is a Master’s of Science in Journalism from Columbia University. She began her career as a news anchor on Forbes.com. There she dealt with different investment issues, alternative business practices along with interviews of business leaders.

Sad but true, she has got many bitter experiences of being turned down by TV stations severally. However, her not giving up in times of her failure made it possible for her to be a successful TV news presenter today. It was on the launch of Fox Business News on October 15, 2007, that she got an opportunity to go on air. Further she also hosted a web based show named Fox Business News Live on foxbusiness.com. Shows like Inside Edition, Daily Beast, and Money for Breakfast wouldn't have reached their heights without her notable contribution. In her programs she gives good business insight to her viewers. Fox news which are trusted, welcomed and loved nationwide hold special place among the audience and for that, lee can't go unnoticed.

On the Ask Men list of top 99 women of world, October 2009, she got ranked as number 75. She can be also seen in Wall Street 2: money never sleeps. Cosmopolitan also featured her. So far her career biography has been surely blooming and no wonder her salary is handsome.

5 feet tall Lee when seated with her legs crossed in front of camera radiates her beauty and flair which causes many eyes to be glued on TV screen t that there are people who think that her looks is worth for Times Square. She looks herself as a tomboy though.

She was brought up in a very athletic family as her father Bob Lee was a good football quarterback who played for two super bowls for Minnesota Vikings. Her brother also plays as a backup quarterback for Seattle Sea hawk. At the age of 5 when her brother started baseball, she quit ballet for the sport. It must be the sporty zeal that she also played women's college softball. From the very early age, she has pursued the physical fitness exercises that her busy schedule becomes no excuse.

She married B Leif Babin, a former Navy Seal officer on 3rd of July 2011. Her wedding photography for her fans can be simply viewed on you-tube and it's no surprise that she looks amazingly beautiful.
Lee and her husband did go to gym together and trained for a Triathlon together. Recently at her first Olympic distance triathlon- one mile swim, she got at top ten position among her age group. Her husband is a black belt in martial art but she doesn't like being coached by him. She's looking forward for marathon next.

By the same name Jenna Lee, there are other people who share the name as Jenna Lee Thomas and Jenna Dewan ; a weather forecaster and dancer cum actress respectively. Various queries about her has been answered at wiki answers.

She is not just a t.v news anchor but a celebrated TV news anchor who loves news reporting and sport equally.