» American television personality Brian Kilmeade

Posted On: Feb 26, 2013
Born on May 7th, 1964 Brian Kilmeade is a Fox News Channel television personality. Kilmeade also hosts Fox News Radio program. Apart from these, he co-hosts Fox’s morning show, Fox & Friends, along with Steve Doocy and Gretchen Carlson.

He went to Massapequa High School and later completed his graduation in Bachelor of Arts from C.W. Post (Brookville, New York) in 1986. His career biography started during 90’s. He started out as a correspondent for national high school television news program. After which he never looked back. He has anchored for numerous channels. KHSC-TV, XTRA-AM, WVIT (NBC) are to name a few.

Brian is a multi talented man. His career is not limited to only being an anchor for news channels. He’s worked as a reporter and anchor for Newsport TV. Also, he worked as a presenter for Scoreboard Central, general sports program. Apart from that, he’s had an amazing experience as a stand-up comedian for ten years. His careers graph’s got a huge scale. Kilmeade is the author of The Games Do Count: America’s best and brightest on the Power of Sports and its How You Play the Game. His books were the New York Times Best seller for ten weeks and that’s something applaud able.
Brian is one of the most successful anchors of Television. He has reportedly a net worth of $1.5 million dollars. With the talents that the man possess and his sincere dedication for his work has helped him make such huge fortune. He has a salary of $ 200 thousand per year. He is definitely making a lot of money. He has inspired a lot with his intellect and his charm. He is blessed with many talents. And there sure are a lot of admirers of Brian all over. He is on twitter. One can follow him there to get more inspired by the genius himself.

A successful and incredibly talented Brian’s family life has not have much detail anywhere on the internet. Kilmeade is among those celebs who intend to keep their professional and personal life separate and he has succeeded in doing so. Many however report that Brian is married and that he is a father to three children. He’s been married for few years now and there has not been any speculation about his divorce. The name of his wife is not circulated in media whatsoever.
Brian was one of the victims of Hurricane Sandy a year back. He returned to Fox and Friends after taking the week off because his house was devasted on Long Island. More about the Hurricane Sandy is on Wikipedia. It’s one of the most dangerous and life threatening natural disaster that occurred after Tsunami.