» Political Commentator Journalist, Brit Hume

Posted On: Feb 23, 2013
Born on June 22nd 1943, Washington D.C., Alexander Britton, famously known as Brit Hume is a political commentator and a television journalist. A man with a great personality, Hume was a correspondent for ABC News and also a Chief White House Correspondent. Talking about his biography, he was born to George Graham Hume and wife Virginia Powell Hume. He did his schooling from St. Albans School, and completed his graduation from the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Virginia during 1965
He had a wonderful career. He has worked for several Newspaper Company and magazines as editor. He made his debut with Television News channel during 1973 as a consultant for ABC News. After which there was no turning back for an icon like him. He won several awards during his professional career. Sol Taishoff Award for Excellence in Broadcast Journalist during 2003 and Emmy Award for coverage of the Gulf War during 2003 are to name a few. His success could be measured from the fact that he earns a whopping salary of $2000000 annually. For a Television presenter to have incredible revenue like that speaks a volume about his success and likability in TV.

Few years back, it was rumored that Brit Hume had an affair with a beautiful blonde Megyn Kelly. Megan, she is a popular news anchor for Fox News channel. She is one of the popular and good looking anchor in News channel. The speculation about their alleged affair was much hyped in media and internet sites. However, nothing was confirmed by either of them. Details about Megan Kelly and her personal and professional life could be extracted from Wikipedia, encyclopedia.

He has not only had a successful career but leads a great family life too. His first marriage to Clare Jacobs Stoner did not last long. Sadly their marriage ended and they got divorce. And at present, Hume is married to Kim Schiller Hume who is a News vice president. She also has a track record of being a former Washington bureau chief. Brit is a father to three kids; Sandy Hume, Virginia Hume and Louis Hume.

His son Sandy Hume pursued the same career as his father. He was a Washington Journalist and a reporter for the newspaper The Hill. Sandy like his father demonstrated a lot of potential to make it big in TV, but his career span was short lived because Sandy committed suicide during February 1998.

More on his personal and professional life could be known by following him on his twitter account. Twitter is one of the current popular networking sites. A lot of Hollywood celebs have an account there.