» News Channel Reader, Sade Baderinwa

Posted On: Feb 23, 2013
Born on April 14th 1969, Sade Baderinwa is a famous TV News anchor. She has won an Emmy Award at New York’s WABC Channel for best news anchor category. She also co-hosts the weekday 5 p.m. editions of Eyewitness News with Diana Williams and 11 pm news with Bill Ritter.

Sade’s father is a Nigerian while her mom is a German. She is a cross breed kid. No wonder she’s an intellectual journalist and that she has achieved massive success in her professional career span. She was adopted by Edie House when she was just four. Edie raised her on his own. And today, that little girl has become one of the promising Television anchor. At age of 43, Sade has achieved a lot. Her salary is reportedly $362,560 per year which is an incredible amount of fortune. Someone who had a rough childhood to transform like that is honestly applauded able.

There has been no official report about Sade’s marriage. May be she is not married yet or that she might have kept it a secret intentionally so as to protect her personal life. Strangely, there is no information about her affairs or linkups with any man till date. She definitely has succeeded in maintaining a low profile in that department. . This means, Sade is single and probably ready for commitment. So, there are few possibilities that Sade may find herself a boyfriend/husband and decide to settle down with him. As of now, there is no information in Wiki about her having children.

However, Sade a local ABC News anchor is not free from scandal. She had an alleged affair with Martin J. O’Malley who is the married mayor of Baltimore. The intensity of their affair could be derived from the fact that she got pregnant by him. Sade who never had revealed any of her personal details in media, all of a sudden had a major traumatic mode in her life. To save her career and her unborn baby, she was shipped off to NYC.

Almost a decade back, in the year 2004, Sade had an awful accident while putting together a story for the 11 O’clock News on WABC in New York – a typical assignment for a television reporter. She not only fractured her arm but got seriously injured. Sade was immediately rushed to the hospital and after which she got hospitalized for a number of days. After a long treatment and plastic surgery, Sade made her comeback to Eyewitness News Room.