» CNN Female Anchor, Brianna Keilar

Posted On: Feb 17, 2013
White House Correspondent on CNN, Brianna Keilar was born on September 21, 1980. She is responsible for covering the activities of both the U.S. And Senate. Though her career has a short history, she has already established a name for her. She started as an intern and production assistant on television. After which her career took off as a general assistant reporter for a News channel, KIMA-TV.

Brianna Keilar, born in Australia is blessed with good looks. She's considered among one of the good looking anchor on CNN. She is tall and she got looks. Apart from that, Brianna Keilar's long and beautiful legs just compliment the screen. Besides being a pretty face, Brianna is a talented woman who completed her bachelor degree in mass communication from University of California, Berkeley. She completed her high school education from Mission Viejo High School, Mission Viejo, California.

She claimed to fame through her career as a general assistant reporter for CNN in the Washington, D.C. Bureau. In her short professional career, Brianna has successfully earned her a large number of admirers. Her fans can get to know her better through the Wikipedia. And for those who do not know Brianna Keilar, they could Google her pictures and photographs.

Brianna Keilar married her long time boyfriend Dave French on May 2, 2009. Since she married her man of her dreams, possibility of them getting divorce is very less likely. Her wedding was coordinated by Susan Perry with Weddings as Sedona. It was a spectacular ceremony with beautiful people and delicious food. Brianna Keilar wedding is already four years and the couple is enjoying a good married life with her husband. So there is no chance to divorce currently.